Sleep Study Instructions

  1. Please arrive at Niagara Sleep Center at 8:30 pm. Our office is located behind Summit Healthplex. From Williams Rd. take Colvin Blvd west to Elaine Drive. Our building is located on the right with a Niagara Sleep sign showing our driveway. The entrance is well lit. Ring the bell and a technician will greet you.
  2. No caffeine (coffee, chocolate, soda), or alcohol after 3:00 pm on the day of your study. Please limit all fluids prior to your sleep study.
  3. Please bathe, shower and shave prior to your study, eliminating any lotions or moisturizers, as our electrodes will not stick to your skin or hair that contains lotions etc. Wigs, hairpieces, weave and heavy braiding must be removed.
  4. Please bring your insurance card and a list of your medications. Co-payment is expected at time of service. Make checks payable to: Niagara Sleep Center. Call your insurance company to verify coverage of all sleep studies. The sleep study will be billed under Dr. Ventresca using procedure codes 95810 and 95811 and diagnosis code 780.57.
  5. Bring pajamas, shorts or sweat pants to sleep in. You may also bring your own pillow. Lights out is 11:30 pm unless you prefer to go to sleep earlier. You will be asked to sleep on your back for as much of the study as possible.
  6. Bring your own shampoo etc... if you will be showering in the morning, towels will be provided.
  7. Please take all medications as usual, if you take meds before bedtime, bring them with you.
  8. Patients with special dietary needs must bring your own snacks. Patients who need assistance are able to bring an aide or caretaker with them, please notify our office if you will be bringing someone.
  9. Wake up time is 5:00 am. You must leave by 5:30am. Please arrange your own transportation.
  10.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, please call the office before 2:00 pm, you may be charged a bed fee for cancelling as it is an inconvenience to our technicians.